What we do

Pixelzoo is a specialist design studio


Creative strategy is the cornerstone of any communications exercise. Like anything, in order for your communication to be effective you need to know exactly what your objectives are and how you are going to attain them.


Digital media can be a tremendously efficient and cost effective means of reaching potentailly millions of people all over the world. The nice thing about digital media is that it is engaging and responsive, giving people new ways to participate with your brand.


There is something special about a real object which has a tangible texture and quality that cannot quite be captured with digital media. Printed media is a stalwart of marketing communications, but it doesn’t have to be traditional or ‘boring’.


Your Corporate Identity is the visual manifestation of your business. It is more than just a logo, it is the ‘persona’ of your brand and includes each and every piece of visual material related to your business.


Branding (or brand awareness) involves the application and promotion of a brand through a variety of marketing campaigns via various platforms, and is often most effective when a combination of media is used in unison, so that each supports the other.


In many cases the biggest factor guiding consumer choice of products is packaging. Not only must packaging attract consumers’ attention, it must also express the character of the product clearly.

What's our Gem?

Anything that’s visually engaging is our specialty (we can’t help but tame and sculpt pixels into unique solutions that our clients love!)

We Create Websites

The secret to our approach is professional expertise in uniting the “Pretty” and the “Technical” – from design to beyond implementation.

Working Together

We love creating along side with our clients, building meaningful value to the relevant supporting products and service offerings.

Friendly & Flexible

Let us know what your idea is or any limits you may have. We’ll help you find the best solution for your information design needs.