Pixel Zoo Studio Activities

Marketing Strategy

  • SEO – baby steps and be autority
  • Website Building
  • Social Media engagement IG, FB, TW, YT, LI
  • Revenue initiatives and lead generation

Studio Time Details

Repeat :every friday min 1hr


Fiverr training
seo strategy plan
detailed seo activities

This Month: November

  • SEO Strategy 100% 100%
  • Website Develpoment 60% 60%
  • Social Engagement 50% 50%
  • Revenue initiatives 98% 98%


1.Client Specific Tasks

(on seo agreement)


Requested activity / task on Contract Scheduled
Backups and core /module upgrades (Security Upgrades) CORE 1hr last backup  12Nov
Webmaster tool – reports analysis and client summary 
SEO 1hr last stat  5Nov
Create posts and setups SOCIAL N
Add portfolio and packages WEB N
Fiverr gig NEW N


A: Performance Stats for the month
analytics(s) UPg Views TV new
TV ret
console (s) click imp avpos
Nov 0 0 0 0 0 0
Dec 0 0 0 0 0 0

 {green = up | red= down}

B. Overall Performance