pixelzoo = ˈpɪks(ə)l Zu


a studio which creates and maintains a collection of pixels for graphical   expression and communication of information & ideas.

Our Services

The Pixel Zoo specialises in
effective, creative communications.

Hello. The Pixelzoo is a specialist design studio offering an array of creative services in both traditional and online media. >>

What's our Gem?

Anything that’s visually engaging is our specialty (we can’t help but tame and sculpt pixels into unique solutions that our clients love!)


We Create Websites

The secret to our approach is professional expertise in uniting the “Pretty” and the “Technical” – from design to beyond implementation.

Working Together

We love creating along side with our clients, building meaningful value to the relevant supporting products and service offerings.

Friendly & Flexible

Let us know what your idea is or any limits you may have. We’ll help you find the best solution for your information design needs.