Printed media is a stalwart of marketing communications, but it doesn't have to be traditional or 'boring'.

There is something special about a real object which has a tangible texture and quality that cannot quite be captured with digital media. There is also a large variety of forms that printed media can take - from intricate origami-inspired business cards to sturdy point of sales displays, printed media can be versatile and effective.

We believe that the key is to always keep the communication goals in mind - for environmental as well as economic and social reasons we don't belive that printing a million flyers is always the answer.

We do strive to minimise waste and encourage our clients to use recycled, environmentally friendly materials.

Some examples of printed items include:
  • Business Cards
  • Posters
  • Folders and corporate presentations
  • Booklets & catalogues
  • Magazine adverts and inserts
  • Invitations