• The Pixel Zoo offers specialised products to enhance our current service offering in the electronic environment.

    The following Pixel Zoo products are available: ·

  • Christmas Ecard Christmas Ecard 

    The Pixel Zoo has created an amusing and heart warming selection of promotional e-cards that can be customized to send out to your clients or business associates this Festive Season.


  • e-Newsletter & Bulk SMS system: An easy-to-use, cost effective system to manage your online communications... Create: Easily create professional email newsletters. Communicate: Target and personalise your emails. Evaluate: Evaluate the results of every campaign. Save Time: Automate your email list management.
  • The most important social media plug-in, a 'Like' button, is a button that can be placed on your website - on one, many or all of the pages. This button is linked dynamically into Facebook (a social media network), but having a page or profile on Facebook is not a prerequisite to being able to install this button on your website and can be used as a stand-alone marketing tool.

    The 'Like' button is a way a website visitor can give positive feedback, stamp their approval of your content and share it automatically with their network of friends and acquaintances.