e-Newsletter & Bulk SMS system

An easy-to-use, cost effective system to manage your online communications...


  • Easily create professional email newsletters.
    Create professional newsletters and announcements in minutes. Just select a template from the extensive library, add text and images, import your lists and hit send.


  • Target and personalise your emails.
    Target your clients and prospects by segmenting them in lists. Personalise every email to each recipient. Create and run queries to further segment your lists with greater accuracy. Publish your previous newsletters to a microsite archive and RSS. Send Text/SMS alerts to selected users for instant, real time updates.


  • Evaluate the results of every campaign.
    Each and every email sent is tracked in real-time for opens, clicks, forwards, subscribe / unsubscribes and delivery. Clear and concise graphs of your sending metrics will reveal how well your campaigns are achieving your email marketing goals.

Save Time

  • Automate your email list management.
    Brand and embed the ready-made subscription form in your website to organically grow your list. Collect additional subscriber information at sign up, then use this in your email personalisation. Email footer links automatically manage subscription and viral forwarding, while automated email bounce handling will remove invalid email addresses from your lists.

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